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Crusic enables cross platform music sharing through social media, independent of music stores and streaming services.

Crusic is a feature rich platform designed to integrate seamlessly into your current workflow with no additional effort.

Content Recognition

Crusic uses real-time upload detection and acoustic fingerprinting technologies in order to totally automate the creation of URL's.

Increased Engagement

Social media posts tagged with Crusic URL’s are shown to have increased levels of audience engagement, a key metric used by brands when looking for influencers to work with.

On Demand Revenue

Crusic gives you an independent and an on-demand source of revenue as your audience use the URL's to add music to their personal music libraries.

Analytics Toolkit

Monitor and optimise your URL's using the suite of metrics and tutorials available on your Crusic dashboard. Your dedicated account manager is always available for support.

Music Centric

The Crusic landing page is designed purely for music, including track samples and song recommendations, allowing us to maximise the user experience

Enterprise Integration

Crusic can be totally integrated into your current system using its API, giving the option to totally automate the entire process from upload to payouts.

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The dashboard is where registered users can monitor the performance of their URL's using advanced real-time metrics.

An Indepth Insight into the performance of your URL's

The Crusic dashboard gives you all the tools you need to get the most out of Crusic. The home page gives a detailed view of everything you need to know about your URL’s, with metrics covering everything from upload frequency to audience demographic and financial performance.

URL Specific Metrics

Examine and compare the performance of individual URL’s to get a more detailed insight into what techniques work best with your audience and how to adapt your URL’s to maximise their engagement.

Continual Analytics Based Optimisation

All these metrics aren’t very useful unless you do something with them. Work closely with your dedicated account manager in order to continually optimise your URL’s in order to maximise their performance.

Earnings & Payouts
Track Earnings and Manage Payouts

The payouts page is where you can monitor the financial performance of your posts. It’s also where you withdraw your earnings from your account balance to your connected PayPal account.

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